Gravitt Everett Davis Fraternal Order of Police – Lodge #66 Gwinnett County


Georgia became part of the Fraternal Order of Police in the 1970’s, and Gwinnett established a lodge in the mid 1980’s. We are commonly known as Gwinnett County FOP Lodge #66.  Our official name for the organization is the Gravitt Everett Davis Georgia FOP Lodge #66, Inc., named after three Gwinnett County Police Officers: Officer Marvin GravittOfficer Jerry Everett, and Officer Ralph Davis who were bound and killed by car thieves April 17, 1964 in the line of duty. Please click on each officer’s name to get more information.

Lodge membership is comprised of actively employed or retired Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Corrections Officers, State officers and Federal officers that either work or live within Gwinnett County, or who work or live within a county adjacent to Gwinnett County that does not have an active FOP Lodge. We are a Fraternal Order, not a union, but our goal is to provide assistance to all law enforcement in Gwinnett County.  As a professional organization, we provide legal assistance, life insurance and many other services to our members. While the basis of our formation was to assist law enforcement, we also do a great deal of charity work in our community.

The Gwinnett FOP Lodge #66 has worked throughout the years to develop and support projects, which contribute to the quality of life for the people of Gwinnett County.  We are working for the mutual benefit of the police and the community.

Gravitt Everett Davis Lodge FOP Lodge No. 66

Police Officer Marvin Jesse Gravitt

Police Officer Jerry Reed Everett

Police Officer Ralph King Davis